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Real Estate Trends for 2007—
Nayarit, Mexico


Carol DavenportA new generation of leadership has risen in Mexico; a leadership that is causing change through progress for its people and country. Nayarit is a state of privileges. Its excellent geographic location and its extraordinary natural resources are catching the eyes of the North Americans to live and invest in Nayarit, Mexico.

Nayarit provides opportunities for business developments and expansions. The state boasts two hundred and eighty-nine kilometers of coastline with the Pacific Ocean, lagoons, rivers, dams, highland areas, plentiful forests, and great mineral resources. This business opportunity has geared Nayarit towards a development plan known as the “20/20 long term vision.”

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What is established under Nayarit's 20/20 long term vision?

The cutting edge of technology, modernization of the telecommunication system, and the expansions and development of roads and highways. The invitation is extended to foreign investors for these projects. Nayarit is known for providing a secure and safe environment. Through investment opportunities, the object is to create a menu of employment for the families of Nayarit and consolidate a diversified supply for Nayarit as Pacific's most important destination of travel. The Riviera Nayarit is in only the beginning stages of developments for the state. The 160 KM stretch that spans the Banderas Bay from Nuevo Vallarta to San Blas according to Lic. Georgina Rodriquez Martinez, Coordinación de Turismo Zona de Banderas. Riveria Nayarit is in position to become one of the worlds leading tourism destination in Mexico. Nayarit is largely undeveloped and it hosts some of the most beautiful virgin beaches in all of Mexico. With the beaches surrounded by the mountainous jungle terrain, the serene of beauty gives the distinction of tranquility and relaxation. The state government has carefully planned to ensure the ecological resources are protected; while the process of developing its natural resources to strengthen the equality of the economy.

Why invest under Nayarit’s 20/20 long term vision?

One of the main reasons to invest in Nayarit is Governor Ney Gonzalez Sánchez who is in office from 2005-2011; He is focusing his attention on presenting opportunities to investors. The percentages of investors in 2005-06 from a sample of 20 projects were figured at 72% Mexican, 15% American, 5% Canadian, and 8% Spaniard. Private investment for tourism was well over $331 million USD in 2006. The hotel industry is showing a gradual increase in occupation rate on the average of 3% for 2006.

Incentives for Investments

The general incentive policy for Nayarit includes reductions for the following fees: labor tax, land property registration fees, real estate purchase tax, home tax, construction and housing development fees. Other incentives are directly negotiated with the appropriate government official.

Developing Projects

C.I.P. Litibú Gran Marina St. Regis Hotel La Estancia
Aqua Las Brisas Marina States Grand Mayan River
Mayan Island Green Bay Real del Mar Playa Royal
Villa Magna Riú Vallarta El Banco Sensara Vallarta
Punta Esmeralda      

Carol Davenport
Founder and President
Davenport Properties Real Estate Investments


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