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Find Rincon de Guayabitos Vacation Rentals & Sale Properties
Rincon de Guayabitos—Vacation Rentals
& Sale Properties

Rincon de Guayabitos Mexico is approximately one hour and a half from the airport of Puerto Vallarta, Rincon de Guayabitos forms a part of what is know as the "tourist corridor" which was developed at the beginning of the sixties with the main purpose to offer a tourist space for families. That is why the majority of the accommodations are bungalows, a comfortable and economically convenient type of accommodation. The place has all the necessary tourist services to guarantee a pleasant stay. Rincon de Guayabitos “the biggest natural pool of the world”

This destination is located in a small bay forming a space where the sea rests and seems like a huge pool, thanks to its geographic characteristics and thanks to the protection of the coral island found in front of its beaches. As a matter of fact Guayabitos has gained the title of "the biggest natural pool of the world." The calmness of its surf along the major part of its beach invites you to relax completely while sunbathing.

In Guayabitos the beach is also a space of continuous action. At any time during the day it is commerce that rules. There you may buy handicrafts made from palm leaves, T-shirts, hats, souvenirs and much more. The practice of water sports is very popular, as well as excursions by boat in order to get to know the neighboring beaches or to visit the islands of the crab and the coral which are bird sanctuaries and where its transparent waters are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving.

In addition to taking tours to get to know neighboring places like Altavista, La Tobara, Chacala, Freideras, La Peñita, Las Cuevas, Los Ayala, Platanitos, Matanchen and Jamurca, you can also visit the turtle farm in Boca del Naranjo, where you have the opportunity to participate in the incubation, egg collection and/or liberation of the turtles which takes place between the months of August and October

Los Ayala

 Los Ayala is located at the south of the Jaltemba Bay in Nayarit. To the southwest lies not developed but unique Punta Razza and to the north are the two villages Rincon de Guayabitos and La Peñita de Jaltemba located. While Rincon is the largest one, Los Ayala is the smallest but it provides the best view on the entire bay. Los Ayala consists mainly of vacation homes, which the owners call casitas. The village offers most travel related services and if you can’t find something just take a cheap taxi to Rincon de Guayabitos and find it there. As the view over the bay is perfect the visitor also has a perfect view to the small island Isla del Coral, where tourists see colorful fishes in their natural habitat from glass-bottom boats or while snorkeling around the island. Some nearby beaches are accessible by boat only and worth to visit them. Los Ayalas name goes back to a Mexican family which settled there first.


Altavista is a place where the rock speaks and communicates with the present day man through its engravings, in a "live" place, since today's Huichol Indians come here from far-away communities to worship their Gods. Visiting this place is a unique experience to relive the past and to connect with nature. It is recommended to visit this place in the company of a licensed guide in order to obtain an interpretation of the engravings.

La Tobara

Southeast of San Blas it is considered the most important area of mangroves in Mexico. It forms an ecosystem of natural canals surrounded and covered by exuberant vegetation and a diverse fauna, with the crocodile standing out. The place is open to the public and starting at nine o'clock in the morning it is possible to take an exciting boat ride. For lovers of bird watching this could be a truly fascinating trip.


The name of this beach in the Nahuatl language means "place rich in shrimp" and it was discovered in 1524 by Francisco Cortés de San Buenaventura. Chacala's beach has strong surf. The vegetation is abundant in the outskirts. Palm trees predominate giving a beautiful panorama. At present the supply of traditional Nayarit gastronomy stands out and the zarandeado fish is the preferred delicacy.


The access to this area is exclusively by boat, walking along the coast or by motorbike and during the trip-in you can appreciate the splendid and spectacular view of the cliffs with the waves constantly crashing against them. There is a palapa-palm roof restaurant on the beach, where fresh seafood is served. In this place the surf is very calm and not very deep, making it a romantic and ideal spot to be visited by couples.

La Peñita

It is the original village in the area that was founded by the "Nahuatlacas" that stayed here during their voyage from the island of "Mexcaltitán" to what is today's Mexico City. Its name comes from the Náhuatl word "Xalli-tem-pa", which means "place at the bank of the sand".

Best Place to Buy Christmas Gifts: The La Peñita Tianguis

Las Cuevas

It is an incredible semi-virgin beach, surrounded by volcanic cliffs and rocks. Its name is due to the waves that have eroded the walls forming small caves by smashing onto the rocks throughout the years. The area has a great quantity of marine fauna and birds, the water has an impressive greenish turquoise shade and the sand is soft and light colored.

Los Ayala

The name was taken from the last name of some brothers that were engaged in robbing the hacienda of the la Cenita. They were hiding in some caves located north of the la Laya. This village has just recently begun its tourist development and it is experiencing an increase in its offer of accommodations. The surf is high and calm on its beach.


The Bay of Matanchen is characterized by being a virgin area. It is perfect for people who like being alone enjoying the silence, listening to how the waves break. This area also was famous for being a spot for pirates and buccaneers during the time of the conquest. They were attracted by the products that were traded by the English, Dutch, Chinese and Spanish ships.


Hidden between the mountains there is a place where the "Marakames" of the Huichol culture used to purify their body and spirit through hot water baths. This place has a thermal water spring and at present it offers additional tourist services such as swimming pools, restaurants and a natural grave to plunge into and to relax while being spoiled by the medicinal attributes of the water.

Boca del Naranjo

It is situated approximately north of Guayabitos, taking the detour that brings you to the village of "La Lima de Abajo", a road that leads to a beach with strong surf, a beach rich in palm trees and huge extensions of mangroves, perfect to practice kayaking. The place has everything to satisfy the visitor. There is a good variety of restaurants, clothing stores, souvenirs shops, arts and crafts, supermarkets, bars and discos, medical services and much more. Every year during the month of November, the international air festival called "Fly In" takes place in Guayabitos, where an extensive variety of airplanes gather, coming from various countries.

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